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Board of Directors
Phillippe E. Baumann, Chairman*
Andrea Baumann Lustig, President
Roger R. Baumann
Nadine D. Grelsamer
Ivan L. Lustig
Nicole Montalette

ARIF - Association pour le Rétablissement des Institutions et Oeuvres Israelites en France (Association for the Restoration of Jewish Works and Institutions in France) was founded in June 1945 to provide immediate and tangible aide to Jewish survivors of World War II. The Association has continued its works over the past 67 years maintaining Jewish life and traditions in France and supporting Jewish institutions that help the poor, aged or infirm of all religions. Download an overview

ARIF is launching a special fundraising effort to contribute to strengthening safety and security for Jewish schools and synagogues in France.  Preserving Jewish works and institutions in France has been our mission since ARIF was founded in 1943. In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris  the need for immediate and concrete action is clear. Learn more >

For more information, please contact:
Andrea Baumann Lustig

Support ARIF
ARIF is a public charity with 501c (3) status. Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to: ARIF c/o Stralem & Company, Inc. 551 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022

Philippe E. Baumann*
Chairman of the Board, ARIF

Beloved husband of Julia and Barbara, of blessed memory, treasured father of Andrea Baumann Lustig and Roger Raymond Baumann and father-in-law of Ivan Lustig and Julie Flynn Baumann. Adored grandfather of Nicole, Alexandra, Gabrielle, Alexander, James and Matthew. A man of wisdom, integrity, generosity, charm and humor. A cherished friend and advisor to many, always grateful for the opportunities this country gave him.

*Deceased 2012